Network maintenance

Design of networks

A reliable company needs a reliable, well-built, thoughtful, efficient and secure network infrastructure. Our company undertakes the planning of new networks, the modernization of existing networks and their operation. The use of reliable, up-to-date devices is an important aspect of networks, which is why we use solutions from well-known manufacturers.

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Maintenance of networks
All networks require maintenance. Both software and hardware.

Keeping the software of the network elements up-to-date and properly configured and their continuous monitoring is an inherent part of safe operation. This can make it difficult or prevent us from suffering serious damage during a potential cyber attack.

Network elements age, get damaged, connectors and cables need to be replaced. The fans of active devices that require cooling (routers, switches, access points) turn on and rattle. Any downtime during a breakdown can cause serious problems for your company.

We undertake the full operation of your network, taking into account the above aspects.

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